How To Lose 10 Pounds Fast

Have you been looking for a simple way to lose 10 pounds fast?Last year I was able to do exactly that. I lost 10 pounds (mainly body fat) in just a couple of weeks. Best of all I did it in a healthy way that allowed me to build and maintain a “boosted” metabolism … and then lose another 20 pounds the next month!

The steps I took to lose the weight are outlined below. Give them a try next time you want (or need) to lose a few pounds quickly… but also in a safe way that protects your health and metabolism! By the way, if you’re really anxious to get going and start losing weight today I highly recommend taking a look at the Turbulence Training program. It’s a step-by-step fat-burning guide that’s 100% guaranteed to help you lose 10 pounds fast!

A Very Quick Guide to Losing 10 Pounds Fast

If you’re like me and just want a solution that works – right away – here it is. These are the basic steps I took to lose 10 lbs fast:

  1. Cut out all processed foods for at least 2 weeks. Eat only natural, unprocessed foods for a couple of weeks, then switch to a carb rotation diet. That means even cutting breads, pastas, and other wheat/grain products! Get at least 90% of your weekly calories from lean proteins, high-fiber “good” carbs (e.g. vegetables, fruits, beans, etc.), and healthy fats (e.g. olive oil, natural peanut butter, etc.). Have 1 “cheat” meal a week where you can eating anything and as much as you want.
  2. Do short, higher-intensity workouts 3-4 times a week. This will burn fat while also forcing your body to pump out powerful steroid-like hormones that boost your metabolism while preserving lean muscle.
  3. Take whey protein powder and a good multivitamin. These are the best “support” supplements for losing weight in a fast but healthy way. Whey protein, especially, is great for making ultra-healthy, appetite-suppressing protein shakes.
  4. Stay focused and motivated. Do whatever it takes to stay focused on your goal of losing 10 pounds fast. The more focused and motivated you are, the easier it will be to lose the weight quickly. Write down your goal on paper and read it daily. Surround yourself with photos of fit, lean people. Watch motivational videos daily.

Lose 10 Pounds Fast

That’s pretty much it. If you follow those simple steps I can practically guarantee that you’ll lose at least 10 pounds fast… probably within 2 to 3 weeks! The key to success is to make each of the things above a “must do” every day of the week and to keep going until you’ve shed those ugly pounds of body fat.

If you want a more detailed version continue reading below ….

Lose 10 Lbs Fast 5 Simple Steps

Step 1: Get focused – I thought about my goal of losing 10 pounds almost constantly. I actively visualized myself with ten fewer pounds of ugly blubber on my body several times per day. After just a few days of “forcing” myself to focus on my goal it became a habit and I did it almost automatically. After that, everything became much easier and I began to build unstoppable momentum!

Step 2: Boost your energy – I knew from experience that I wouldn’t be able to lose the weight without high energy levels. So I took steps to boost my energy naturally. I started getting at least 7 hours of sleep per night. I also started drinking large amounts of water every day… about 60 to 70 ounces. I avoided simple sugars, junk foods, and most processed carbohydrates (including bread and pasta). Finally, I started taking a low-cost green tea-based energy supplement in the mornings.

Step 3: Eat “clean-burning” foods – About 90% of my weekly calories came from “clean-burning” foods… mainly lean proteins, unprocessed carbs, and healthy fats. I didn’t cut my calorie intake drastically, I just cut out pretty much all the junk. I ate no refined sugars or flours. I also rotated my intake of starchy carbs (e.g. potatoes, rice, corn, etc.). One day a week I had a couple of huge “cheat” meals where I ate pretty much anything I wanted. Eating like this kept my metabolism fired up and “off balance” so it couldn’t adapt and slow down. Losing 10 pounds fast is SO much easier when you have a healthy metabolism!

Step 4: Learn how to control hunger and “carb cravings” – Allowing yourself to get very hungry is a big mistake… one a lot of people make! The same goes for trying to cut out all starchy carbs (ala the low-carb Atkins diet). Both things eventually lead to overeating and frustration. I was able to control my hunger and what I call “carb cravings” by taking the following steps:

  • eat a small, high-protein meal or snack every 2-3 hours during the day
  • eat lots of high-fiber “good carbs” throughout the day (my favorites are fresh fruits, nuts, and beans)
  • rotate or “cycle” your intake of carbohydrates in a way that speeds up fat loss yet allows you to enjoy some of your favorite carb foods
  • take a natural energy booster/appetite suppressant (such as green tea extract or yerba mate extract)

Step 5: Do short, efficient workouts regularly – Three to five times a week I did a short (20-40 minutes), fun, interval-based workout. Intervals are short bursts of high-intensity exercise that are followed by brief “active recovery” periods. I did both cardio exercise and full-body strength exercise, and I changed up my workouts constantly. By doing this kind of efficient exercise I was able to accomplish several things:

  1. I didn’t get bored or “burned out” by forcing myself to do lots of boring/painful cardio
  2. I burned tons of calories and fats during the workout
  3. I burned even more fat AFTER the workout, due to the metabolic changes interval exercise creates in the body
  4. I was able to add a bit of lean muscle, even though I was cutting calories, which helped to boost my metabolism even more!

So that’s pretty much it. Those are the steps I took to lose 10 pounds fast … but also in a safe, healthy way. It was the first time I had combined all these techniques into the same program and I was literally amazed at how quickly and easily the weight came off. By focusing your mind, boosting your energy naturally, eating a “clean-burning” diet, controlling hunger and food cravings, and doing efficient workouts regularly I honestly feel that just about anyone – male or female – can lose 10 lbs fast … and in a way that will allow them to continue losing weight for as long as they want!

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